Lead Program

Registering for and using our Lead Program is quick and easy.

AgentInsider Partners In Your Success

At AgentInsider, we only succeed when you succeed.  So as we sought to create our new service, we reviewed feedback from thousands of agents who are currently using our leads as well as agents who had previously been customers.  We wanted to design our new lead program with the needs of agents foremost in our mind, delivering a better product than ever before with new tools and features to become a true partner in helping to increase your performance.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of our lead program:

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AgentInsider is now proudly powered by insuranceQuotes ensuring our best ever selection of high quality leads, performance-enhancing technologies and top rate customer service. insuranceQuotes

More Flexible Than Ever

Our new agent portal makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of your account.  Control the number of leads you receive each day.  Stop and start your leads with just a couple of clicks.  Easily sort and order your leads by multiple useful criteria.  All of these controls are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Smart Phone App For Improved Efficiency On The Go

We know that the demands on the time of a modern-day insurance agent are incessant and that you are frequently required to be away from your office.  We wanted to create a way for you to be every bit as productive ‘on the go’ as you are in your office.  The iQ Agents app enables you to access the most commonly used and most useful aspects of your lead account and, most importantly, it instantly alerts you when you receive a new lead in your account and gives you the opportunity to contact that lead immediately through one touch calling or email, ensuring you have the best chance of reaching the prospect and closing the sale.  

Integrations With Major Business Efficiency Partners

We understand that you need many tools to be able to run your business effectively, so we ensure we have seamless integrations with all major lead management systems, raters and dialers.  Be sure to mention the programs you use when you sign up.

Real-Time Lead Delivery

Immediately after a consumer in your target demographic and ZIP code submits an application, the lead will be delivered to you via email in real time.  At the same time, the consumer will receive a Thank You email containing your details so that they may choose to contact you directly.

Best-in-Class Client Services Team

Do you have questions or concerns? Would you like help setting up your account, choosing your ZIP Codes or adjusting your lead volume? Our Agent Account Management Team is here to assist you with all of your account needs. The team can also share with you ways to maximize your investment in online insurance leads.