How It Works

Registering for and using our Lead Program is quick, easy, and effective.

How our Lead Program Works

1. Complete Our Quick Form or Give Us A Call

Click on the link at the bottom of this page and fill in our simple form in 30 seconds or less.  One of our reps will call you back almost instantly during working hours, or sometime the next morning if you submit the form during our closed hours.

Alternatively, simply pick up your phone and give us a call at 866-892-4080.  One of our trained Sales team members will be on hand to work with you to get your account set up in minutes – you could be receiving leads the same day! 

Whether you are calling us or you are waiting for us to call you back, have your contact information, state license number(s) and credit card information to hand so we can get you started as quickly as possible.

2. Explore Your Agent Gateway

As soon as we have a new account set up for you, you will receive an email from us with a link to your account management page in our insuranceQuotes Gateway.  This is the newest and most impactful benefit for agents who sign up through AgentInsider.  Since we are now powered by insuranceQuotes, our agent experience just improved dramatically.  You can now experience greater flexibility and control in your account than ever before, including access to a unique Smart Phone app enabling you to work your leads on the go and increase your productivity.  See our Lead Program page for more details on the benefits of being powered by insuranceQuotes.

3. We Source Quality Leads

Our Lead Program is fueled by attracting hundreds of thousands of consumers to our network of sites by providing quality insurance shopping advice, through advertising, email marketing and search engine marketing. When a consumer completes an online quote form, he or she becomes a lead in our system, and we match them to agents who have requested leads that fit that profile in those zip codes.

4. We Send You the Leads

Leads are sent to you in real-time via email, or will be available as push notifications if you download our free Smart Phone App. The email or phone notification will contain a link to the consumer's complete information.

5. You Work Your Leads 

Each lead will contain the consumer's contact information and enough detail for you to provide a preliminary insurance quote (see a sample of the leads). It's important to contact leads quickly to increase your chances of making a sale.

Pro Tip!  Contact the lead as quickly as possible, even if you are not in an immediate position to provide a quote, to let them know you have received their information and would be delighted to work with them to find a policy that works.  Then, arrange a time more convenient to you and them to call back and review their application more thoroughly.

6. Call Us If You Have Questions Or Concerns

We don’t sign you up and then leave you to your own devices! Success with online leads doesn’t always come overnight, but our experienced Agent Account Managers are here to help you optimize your account and ensure you have a rewarding experience.  They also have a range of articles and resources available to help with many aspects of your role, gathered from the best practices of agents who have built their business on the back of our Lead Program.