About Us


Bankrate, Inc. began in 1976 as the newsletter “Bank Rate Monitor” and has since become a trusted financial resource for millions of Americans and hundreds of print publications and media channels.

Expanding on the mission of informing the public about financial information affecting everyday life, Bankrate saw the opportunity to improve the complex process of online insurance shopping and in 2008 acquired InsureMe – an online service connecting insurance shoppers with providers.

Over the following 4 years, Bankrate continued to grow in this area while acquiring additional, complimentary companies - including NetQuote, Trouvé Media, Lead Karma and InsWeb/AgentInsider – creating the best possible position to champion improvement for shoppers and providers in the insurance shopping and lead generation market. 

In March 2015, after years of careful preparation and investment, Bankrate Inc. combined their insurance brands into a new flagship insurance shopping company, insuranceQuotes.  


InsuranceQuotes is the complete insurance comparison shopping site for consumers and the premier customer acquisition platform for insurance agents and carriers.

Our mission is to demystify the insurance shopping experience, so that shoppers can simply and easily find the coverage that’s right for them, and providers can inform, educate and secure new customers through a marketplace that’s comprehensive and trusted.

Insurance Shopping Made Simple

Offering best-in-class research and access to the widest network of carriers and agents in the industry, we make the process of finding the right insurance policy simple and personal. Get unbiased information as you shop for coverage options, make smart comparisons on the plans that best suit your needs, and get connected with providers through one go-to site.

Not Just Prospects, Customers

As the industry’s most comprehensive, effective and trustworthy prospect acquisition partner, we supply insurance carriers and agents with high-intent shoppers across auto, home, health, life, business, renters and long-term care verticals. We utilize innovative tools and technologies to provide the best close rates at scale, and have the industry’s premier account management team so that our network of providers can achieve maximum success.