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AgentInsider is delighted to announce that we are now fully incorporating – the industry’s #1 converting online lead supplier.  Now you can take advantage of the highest converting leads along with the most flexible insurance lead program in the industry. 

Complete ZIP Code control, 24/7 account access, volume controls and no sign-up fees or contracts are just some of the amazing features we can offer.  Try AgentInsider’s real-time, high-converting insurance leads TODAY!
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#1 Conversion rate
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New Enhanced Performance with Bankrate Insurance Verified 2.0

In support of our vision to become the premier online insurance leads provider we are pleased to announce the launch of Bankrate Insurance Verified 2.0. Agents can now benefit from greater profitable returns from internet leads - getting all of the sales with less of the hassle.

Cutting More Low Quality Out!
Raising the minimum quality bar and additionally eliminating more than half a million leads per month.

Enhanced Monitoring
Implementing broader quality and monitoring standards across our remaining marketing partners which have an ongoing impact on lead quality improvements.

Better Traffic Sources
Moving a significant proportion of our leads to ‘self-sourced’.

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We offer free on-demand presentations to show you how to market yourself on the Internet and how to succeed with online insurance leads. Visit our Learning Center to see all the ways that AgentInsider can help you optimize your approach and grow your business.
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